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Have you spotted your choice of garage door opener in the marketplace and you are about to make a purchase? But are you so sure that your prospective opener meets your needs. Take one step back and consider the following guidelines recommended by Inver Grove Heights professional Garage Door expert Repair. Here’s how you can make the best decision for your garage.

Type of drive

Just in case you are not aware, there are three various garage door opener types you can choose from- belt, chain and screw.

If you prefer the oldest style, we can give you quality chain-drive garage door openers. However, this option is not ideal for garage that is under a bedroom because it can be very noisy.

Belt-drive garage door openers are similar to chain-drives only that they work with the help of a rubber belt. Although they are more costly than other garage door openers, rest assured that it is the quietest one for you.

If you are yearning for a gate opener with midway noise and cost, screw types of openers are what you actually need. Since there are only few moving parts of this gate opener, they do not require so much maintenance. Although DIY installation is impossible, it is still better if you hire professional installation team from us and you are in good hands.

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