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Safety features

It is paramount that garage doors that are designed with safety features in order to render a high level of security and safety to homeowners as well as business owners. Garage doors are required to be equipped with safety mechanism that tends to stop and reverse a closing when an object passes beneath it. However, do take note that the reverse mechanism can also be damaging to people, pets, and cars so it has to be properly maintained and regularly tested.

Security features

At Garage Door Repair experts in Inver Grove Heights, one of our top concerns regarding garage door is the security feature. We advise you to choose a garage door opener that comes with a rolling code. Through this feature, it is impossible for potential burglars to break through your home or business property.

Battery backup

Although battery backup is not a standard feature, we offer some models of garage door openers that are designed with this feature. When the electrical power suddenly runs out, you are still able to use your garage door opener.

Door Size

Did you know that that the standard size of a garage door is 7 feet? Furthermore, it can accommodate garage doors that are up to six inches and taller. If you have garage door taller than six inches, you can order for an extension kit from Garage Door Repair in Inver Grove Heights.

Choosing a garage door is not as fast as overnight. By doing a little legwork and consulting a dependable company like us, you can narrow down your search accordingly. Let us help you find the best opener in the marketplace.

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